Why An Online Presence Is Critical This Decade (2020)

At the beginning of the year, the COVID19 (coronavirus) pandemic took the global economy by a storm forcing businesses and individuals to start working from home with little or no notice. Since then there has been a dramatic shift in the demand for products to be available online due to restrictions and social distancing measures in place around the United Kingdom. Now that winter is well on it’s way, there is a strong case for this demand to continue increasing rapidly in the coming months and beginning of 2021.

Increasing coronavirus figures cause a double in infection rate in one week

In recent weeks, we have seen the amount of infections double across the United Kingdom (shown in the chart). This information gives us an important insight into what the future may hold, with the increasing potential for a second nationwide lockdown.

The cold winter months and shorter days will also have a natural impact, where consumers will prefer to shop online, in a bid to stay at home in the warmth.

Having an online presence will enable you to access a larger target audience, as well as lessen the impact any of the upcoming restrictions that could be introduced in the coming months.

As we progress towards 2021, with no solutions seemingly available, and further cold winter months ahead of us, the current conditions look set to remain in place forcing business to run online instead of offline.

What is an online presence?


The term, Online Presence, has had many different meanings over the years, as the internet has continued to develop and become what it is today. Years ago, setting up a website with a standard logo was all that was required to establish your online brand identity / presence. Whilst having a website and logo is still important, there are many other aspects that need to be considered in order to grown your online identity. Take a look at some we have noted below:


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads & Facebook Ads
  • Website Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Email Marketing… and more!
The importance of an online identity this decade (2020s)

Do you have an online presence?


Regardless of the industry, having an online presence has become critical for individuals and businesses as we continue to progress into the new decade. You might be at the early stages of an idea, or have a full-time business; either way you will need to consider a website, search engine optimisation, marketing strategy and more, to make sure you can create an online identity and sales pipeline.

Luckily enough for those who are reading this article, obtaining this online presence and brand identity is a lot easier to achieve than previously before. The team at TOLDUSO work relentlessly, around the clock, to deliver everything you need to grow your business or brand online, ranging from a logo to full website projects and company start ups. Click here, to contact us now.