Big Changes Affecting Facebook Ads

A release of Apple IOS 14 has come with changes that will affect how we receive and process conversion events across major platforms. This includes Facebook Ads.

This change includes a notification that appears on all users devices, asking permission to track activity outside of the platform. The reason why this affects Facebook Ads is that when leaving the platform and purchasing your service or product, the app may not have permission to confirm the conversion event in your conversion tracking.

These changes branch out into other mobile advertising applications, as the majority of their ad delivery services are run through Facebook and Instagram. The latest IOS update poses a real challenge to digital marketers around the world who provide Facebook ad services.

A recent survey reported that currently, about 70% of IOS users share their information with app publishers, this number is expected to drop to around 10% in the coming months as the update is rolled out to devices around the world.

Luckily we have discovered a variety of ways you can prepare and overcome this update.

We have listed some tips on how you can prepare yourself and overcome the latest update. Have a read of them below.

Use analytics to understand how much of your traffic comes from IOS devices.
Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are a great way of breaking down your website traffic and understanding what percentage of your monthly visitors comes from IOS devices. Anyone using devices that are outside of the Apple IOS will not be affected by this update.

Focus your ad efforts on lead capture information.
The more information you can capture from your traffic, the less reliant you will be on applications like Pixel for retargeting. Capturing your traffics email addresses will you to your guarantee that you reach them in future.

Make sure your domain is verified.
This will help prevent any interruptions to your ad campaigns across all apps and website platforms. This should be considered a priority when starting your PPC add adventure.

Update to Facebooks SDK for IOS 14 version 8.1
Updating to Facebooks latest SDK will help personalised ads that are delivered to IOS users and allow you to continue to receive events from conversions. This can be completed through the Event Manager but you will need admin privileges

With everything taken into consideration, the latest Apple IOS update improves user privacy and security around the world and also helps regulate online business. Whilst this poses as a challenge to digital marketers, it can easily be overcome with the advice listed above.

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